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1/12/16 Education Night Summary

Many thanks to all members who attended the Education Night at RFS Headquarters on Thursday. The topic of the night was the investigation of the 2014 Rozelle convenience store deflagration and fire. It was a fantastic presentation by DS Rick Howe, DS Philip Elliott and NSWAFI President Michael Forbes. The focus of discussion surrounded how the large crime scene was managed and how interaction between personnel from different agencies assisted the investigation. The co-operation of the fire brigade, police, local government was necessary, and impated upon the way in which the scene was examined. Of particular interest was how the scene could be digitally reconstructed using image data taken by the police, as well as how the location of evidence items allowed for a modus operandi to be established.

Please note that attendance certificates are now provided on request. To obtain your attendance certificate for this Education Night, contact the Secretary.

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