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FIRU Anniversary Function Summary

The Fire Investigation & Research Unit celebrated 30 years of service on Thursday night (24/8/17) with a gathering at the Firehouse Hotel in North Sydney. The re-modelled 1895 heritage-listed fire station was the perfect setting for the reunion of some of the most well-respected brigade members past and present.

Attending the night were some of the Unit’s earliest members: Bruce Johnson, Roger Bucholtz, Ross Brogan, Bill Powell, Jim Swaisland, Donald Walshe, Ian Pentony, Bill Clifford, and the sons of the late John Boath (Gordon) and Alan Easy (Craig). Also in attendance were some of FIRU’s fellow fire investigators and colleagues, including representatives from the NSW Police Arson Unit and Crime Scene, Fire Forensics, GKA Investigations Group, and M.G. Salmon & Associates. FIRU was honoured by the attendance of all guests, but especially that of a beloved colleague, Melissa Salmon, following a recent cancer diagnosis and treatment. Guests were presented with a commemorative pin to mark the occasion.

Deputy Commissioner Jim Hamilton and Assistant Commissioner Mark Whybro both gave their thanks to the past and present members of the Unit for their contributions to Fire Safety. Superintendent Graham Kingsland, Manager FIRU, gave a moving tribute to FIRU’s longest serving member, Pheo Duong, and his journey from war torn Vietnam to his role as one of FRNSW’s most diligent and valuable employees. Pheo was presented with a plaque of appreciation for his 20+ years of service.

It was a delightful night enjoyed by all. Thanks to those who attended and organised the event.

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