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7/12/17 Education Night

The final education night for 2017 will be held on Thursday 7/12/17 at RFS Headquarters, 15 Carter St Homebush.

The topic for this education night is: Back to the Basics - Fire Science.

In NFPA 1033 it states: “The investigator shall have and maintain at a minimum an up-to-date basic knowledge of the following topics beyond the high school level”. There are 16 topics listed, which include fire science, fire chemistry and fire dynamics. This education night will give you a better understanding of the basics of fire science, something all fire investigators should have a grasp of.

This presentation will be given by Senior Firefighter Tim Ryan. He has been with Fire & Rescue for 13 years. He spent 7 years at Seven Hills Fire Station and 3 years at Kellyville Fire Station. He has been with the Firefighter Operational Training team since the beginning of 2015 where he is an instructor for recruit and permanent firefighters. He will explain in depth the basics of fire science so that you can answer some of the basic questions.

Please RSVP via our booking form.

Hope to see you on the night.

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