• Alexander Visotin, Senior Vice President

Ross Brogan Scholarship

Dear Members,

The NSWAFI is committed to advancing fire investigation as a profession in New South Wales. To this end, events such as our regular Education Nights and training seminars play an important role. The Australasian Association of Fire Investigators (AAFI) biennial conference, in particular, showcases some of the excellent research and casework being carried out by Association members. The Committee recognises that attending such conferences greatly benefits delegates and that this educational opportunity can be significant.

In line with the goals of our Association, the NSWAFI Committee have developed the Ross Brogan Scholarship. This scholarship, named after long-serving NSWAFI member Ross Brogan, aims to provide members with the opportunity to attend biennial AAFI conferences which they may not otherwise be able to attend. More information, including selection criteria and an application form, can be found on the scholarship page. Scholarship applications are now being sought from eligible members. If you have any questions about the scholarship program, please contact the Secretary.

The gallery of images above depict Ross Brogan during his time as a fire investigator with NSWFB.


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