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6/6/19 Education Night

The next education night for the year will be held on Thursday 6/6/19 at Fire & Rescue Head office at Greenacre, Building A. On 3/11/18, a factory fire occurred at Seven Hills which was one of the biggest fires in Sydney in recent years. As investigations began CCTV footage from inside the factory showed a fire igniting in a pallet of plastic ‘Y’ shaped splitters used in the roofs of houses for air conditioning ducting. What investigators could not work out was how the fire started. Investigators were then told that this was the second fire to occur in the same pallets of splitters in the past 6 weeks. Investigators from the private and public agencies teamed up to develop different hypotheses and then decide how to test these hypotheses. Working with the company involved who supplied the exact same pallets for testing which was conducted at FRNSW test facility at Londonderry. What they discovered was that water had formed a circular pool on top of the plastic wrap over the pallet magnified the sun’s rays to burn the cardboard between each layer of splitters. This presentation is a summary of this incredible investigation. Please register via our booking form.

Hope to see you on the night!

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