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June 2024 Education Night - Lightning Strikes and Power Surge Events

Mr Grant Gatland will present on the differences between lightning strikes and power surges and how to differentiate between them during fire investigations and inquiries into equipment failure. While not all lightning strikes or power surge events result in fires, understanding the cause of such an "event" is crucial for insurers and other liable organisations in damage or equipment failure cases.


Mr Gatland is part of the Envista Forensics Electrical/Mechanical team, specialising in fire and explosion investigation and the investigation of electrical, electronic, and mechanical failures, water exposure incidents, and physical and impact damage. He has many years of experience assisting insurance companies, law firms, loss adjusters, and government and commercial organisations directly with complex and technical loss events around the world. He has a depth of experience assessing damage to and recovering a wide range of sophisticated equipment, such as CNC

equipment and semi-conductor plant and equipment, following fires, explosions, chemical spills, impact damage, flooding, and water damage incidents.

Date: Thursday 6 June 2024

Time: 18:00 AEDT

To register your interest please use the booking form on the NSWAFI website on the Event Calendar. 

Education Night Flyer - June 2024
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