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The NSWAFI is a learned society of like-minded fire investigation industry professionals. The Association itself does not offer any fire investigation services; please utilise the Expert Referral Service if you require the services of a fire industry expert. Organisations on this page represent those with at least two employees who are also members of the NSWAFI.

NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is the lead combat agency for bush fires in NSW. For over 100 years we have been a significant part of the history and landscape of NSW. Working closely with other agencies we respond to a range of emergencies including structure fires, motor vehicle accidents and storms that occur within rural fire districts.

Fire & Rescue NSW

Fire & Rescue NSW's purpose is to enhance community safety, quality of life and confidence by minimising the impact of hazards and emergency incidents on the people, environment and economy of New South Wales. 

NSW Police Force

The NSW Police Force is Australia's oldest and largest police organisation and one of the biggest in the English speaking world. It serves a population of seven million in the state of New South Wales, an 801,600 square kilometre area comparable in size to Texas in the USA and double the combined geographic areas of England, Scotland and Wales. The NSW Police Force operates on land, sea and from the air, providing community based policing from more than 500 police stations to a wide range of ethnic communities speaking more than 30 languages.

GKA Investigations Group

GKA Investigations Group offers a thorough, truly impartial investigation service built on decades of experience and knowledge. Working thoroughly, lawfully and professionally, we are committed to uncovering the facts and establishing the truth.

Australian Federal Police

The AFP's role is to enforce Commonwealth criminal law, contribute to combating complex, transnational, serious and organised crime impacting Australia's national security and to protect Commonwealth interests from criminal activity in Australia and overseas.

Fire Forensics Pty Ltd

Fire Forensic's services include fire and explosion scene examinations, laboratory or workshop inspection and testing, critical reviews of previous investigations, provision of expert advice and testimony,  education and training, and assistance with management reviews in specialist areas.

Hicksons Lawyers

Hicksons Lawyers, with offices in Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane, have expertise in the areas of Commercial Dispute Resolution, Corporate and Commercial, Health, Insurance, Lenders Mortgage Insurance, Mortgage Recovery, Property and Private Client Services, Public Sector Risks, Transport Trade and Energy, Insurance in the Workplace and Workplace Relations and Safety.

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