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Ross Brogan Scholarship

Ross Brogan

The Ross Brogan Scholarship Program has been developed to provide New South Wales Association of Fire Investigators (NSWAFI) members, financial assistance to attend one of the biennial Australasian Association of Fire Investigators (AAFI) Conferences, at the advertised 'Early Bird' rate.  The Ross Brogan Scholarship Program will fund the 'Early Bird' Registration rate only for each selected applicant and will not provide any funding toward local, interstate or international travel, meals, accommodation and/or incidental costs.

Inspector Ross Brogan (Retired): A Short Biography

Ross joined the New South Wales Fire Brigades in 1970 and retired as an Inspector in 2007, spending sixteen years in the Fire Investigation Unit.  He was one of the founding members of the NSWAFI.  He served on the committee for over 20 years.  1990 saw the birth of an official NSWAFI publication: 'Firepoint', with Ross Brogan as the founding editor.  By 1994, the magazine was being distributed to members of the newly-formed IAAI Chapters in Victoria and Queensland.  Ross has been the Senior Lecturer of the Charles Sturt University post-graduate Fire Investigation program since 2002.  He is a Member of the IAAI, ANZFSS, NFPA and has lectured extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

Ross Brogan investigating fire

The Award Committee

For the purpose of managing the Ross Brogan Scholarship Program, the NSWAFI have developed a Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Committee.  The NSWAFI Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Committee is to be made up of three (3) existing NSWAFI Committee Members who fulfil the following criteria:

  • Be a Member, in good standing, of the NSWAFI for at least the past five (5) years;

  • Be a current and financial NSWAFI Committee Member; and

  • Have been a member in good standing of the NSWAFI Committee Members for at least the past 2 years.

The NSWAFI Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Committee Members must be NSWAFI Committee Members, nominated and elected from within the NSWAFI Committee at the NSWAFI Annual General Meeting every two (2) years.

Upon registration costs for each upcoming biennial AAFI Conference being decided and advertised, the NSWAFI Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Committee will decide on the number of Scholarships which may be provided for that particular Conference, which will then be published for all NSWAFI Members.

The Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Committee will then be responsible for receiving the Applications and determining the most appropriate recipient(s), for the upcoming biennial AAFI Conference.  The Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Committee must be unanimous in their decision to provide a Ross Brogan Scholarship to an applicant.  The Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Committee must also be unanimous in the number of successful applicants for that particular biennial Conference.  The Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Committee shall then submit the name(s) of the selected nominee(s) to the President of the NSWAFI Committee with a recommendation for acceptance.  The NSWAFI President, having full knowledge of all existing affairs as they relate to the NSWAFI and its comprehensive Membership, has the right to accept or refuse the Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Committee's recommendation(s) for the issue of each nominated Scholarship.

The successful applicant(s), along with any existing unsuccessful applicant(s), will then be notified 2 weeks prior to the 'Early Bird' Registration Date for that particular biennial Conference falling due.

Until the completion of the upcoming scheduled AAFI Conference, in the event any approved Ross Brogan Scholarship Program applicant is found guilty of bringing the NSWAFI into disrepute, or found guilty of a serious breach of the NSWAFI's Code of Ethics, the President of the NSWAFI, with the unanimous support of the Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Committee, has the right to withdraw the offered Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Scholarship funding at any time.

Nominee Eligibility and Selection Criteria

To qualify to apply for a biennial Ross Brogan Scholarship to fund an applicant's registration attendance at the next scheduled AAFI Conference, NSWAFI Member applicants must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Applicants shall be an existing financial Member of the NSWAFI;

  • Applicants shall be a Member in good standing with the NSWAFI;

  • Applicants shall have been a financial Member of the NSWAFI for a cumulative period of at least five (5) years;

  • Applicants may be a NSWAFI Committee member;

  • Members of The Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Committee will not apply for the Ross Brogan Scholarship whilst a member of the Ross Brogan Scholarship Program Committee.

  • Applicants must submit a completed Ross Brogan Scholarship Application Form, incorporating a short narrative as to why the Applicant should be considered for the Scholarship.

  • If successful, applicants must submit a report detailing their experience at the AAFI conference, the learning outcomes achieved, and the ways in which the Ross Brogan Scholarship assisted their professional development.

Application Form

Thank you for your submission. The Committee will be in contact regarding the outcome of your application.

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