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Business meeting

The NSWAFI currently has over 100 active members. Membership of the Association is open to any and all persons who have a professional interest in the investigation of fire events. IAAI Chapters are present in several states around Australia and New Zealand, including Victoria, Queensland, and New Zealand. If you reside in one of these states or countries, please see the respective Chapter's website for membership information. If you would like to join the NSWAFI, a number of membership options are available.

Personal Qualifications

Prior to voting upon each application, the Membership Committee shall give due consideration to the following, among other qualifications it deems applicable, to wit:

  1. The personal character and reputation of the applicant;

  2. The nature, character and reputation of the applicant’s business;

  3. The character and reputation of the applicant’s employer and associates;

  4. The general nature, character and reputation of the principal business of the applicant’s employer and associates.


No person shall be eligible for any class of membership if they have been a member, are presently a member, or becomes a member of a subversive organisation or of any organisation whose objectives and operations are inconsistent with the purposes of the Association.

Active Membership

Any representative of a governmental agency, a business, or industrial concern who is actively engaged in some phase of the suppression of arson or administration of justice at the time they make application shall be eligible for Active membership on application, provided such person possesses the other qualifications for membership at the discretion of the Membership Committee and provided such person is not less than eighteen years of age at the time they make application. Three membership options are provided. Select any of the membership options below to be taken to the Membership Form.


Associate Membership

Persons not qualified for Active membership may become Associate members, after determination of their qualifications by the Membership Committee. Associate members shall have the privileges of an Active member, except voting and holding office. The Association may, by majority vote of Active members present, exclude Associate members from any particular business meeting.

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