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1/8/19 Education Night and Annual General Meeting

Dear members,

Our next education night is on Thur 1/8/19. This presentation will be on Arc Mapping. Arc Mapping is a fire investigation technique that can assist in locating the area of fire origin by using “arc damage” patterns found in burnt electrical wiring after a fire. This presentation will cover all aspects of this technique including:

+ When is arc mapping useful and when it has limited use.

+ What is an “arc” or “arcing” and conditions required to produce arcing. (Continuous arcing versus “arc flash”).

+ Arc damage and how does it occur in wiring and cables during a fire.

+ Recognising evidence of arc damage on burnt wires and cables, and distinguishing arc damage from “heat” damage.

+ Tracing or “mapping” arc damage along wires and cables back to the power source.

+ Using the pattern of arc damage on multiple wires and power outlets to localise an area of fire origin.

+ Using arc damage on power cords to indicate whether or not the fire originated at or near an appliance (such as a heater).

+ Examples, including photographs and video clips.

+ Useful tools and personal safety.

The presenter is John Gardner who is an experienced electrical engineer. He is also a private fire investigator who has a Graduate Certificate in Fire Investigation. NSWAFI will be holding its AGM at 1830 hours. Light refreshments will then be provided at 1900 hours with the education night to begin at 1930 hours. Bookings are essential for this event, so please register via our booking form.

Hope to see you on the night!

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