• Michael Forbes, President

Membership fees suspended for 12 months and AGM details

Greetings fellow NSWAFI members,

In the most recent Committee meeting in September, a proposal was discussed to essentially give current NSWAFI members free membership for one year. This has been difficult year for everyone and NSWAFI has been no different. We have been unable to do our normal business of conducting education nights for our members. The biennial AAFI conference has also been postponed due to COVID-19. The Committee decided overwhelmingly to support this proposal. Fortunately, the Association is in a position financially to be able to support our members with this decision. What will happen now is that each financial member as (current at 1st July) will have their membership extended one year for free.

Membership details including membership expiry can be checked online using the Membership Database.

The Committee also decided that we will conduct our Annual General Meeting on Thursday 5th November, but this will be conducted via Zoom. Our constitution does not specifically say that we cannot do this, but we have been advised by the NSW Government that AGMs can be conducted in this way. Our overriding body, the IAAI, has also approved this way of conducting an AGM. A flyer will be produced for this event shortly. The Zoom link to join the AGM is here. If you would like to nominate for a position on the Committee then please email the Secretary (secretary@nswafi.com.au).