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April 2024 Education Night - Fire Engineering with Computational Fluid Dynamics

In this presentation, Dr Liu will discuss some work done by himself and his research group for real-world applications using CFD in fire safety engineering, including the optimisation of fire suppression systems, the prediction of smoke movement in buildings, and the role of CFD in arson fire scene investigation. In collaboration with the FRNSW, a fire field model was developed within the research group to aid the fire investigation of a tragic fire incident in an aged-care facility that caused 14 fatalities in Quakers Hill, Sydney, in Nov 2011. For the first time in Australia, the numerical results were presented as evidence in court to convict the suspect for the arson fire. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Dr. Liu completed his PhD from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). His research focuses on innovative fire suppression systems and risk mitigation approaches with computational multiphase flow techniques. His research also contributes to hydrogen safety via experiments and numerical simulations. He is currently a fire engineer consultant at Fahrenheit Global. He started his career as a post-doctoral researcher at UNSW and Macquarie University (MQ). He has, to date, contributed to 19 highly-ranked academic journal articles with more than 250 citations and an h-index of 11 on Google Scholar.

Date: Thursday 4 April 2024

Time: 18:00 AEDT

To register your interest please use the booking form on the NSWAFI website on the Event Calendar. 

Education Night Flyer - April 2024
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