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3/8/17 Education Night & Annual General Meeting Summary

Dear Members,

Thanks to all those who attend the AGM and Education Night last week. Here is a quick summary of the AGM.

From the President's Report:

  • We have had a good year with a successful AAFI 2016. A profit from this conference of just over $10,000 has put the association in good financial position. The committee has decided to put $2500 towards an increase of the seed funding for future conferences.

  • We have 138 financial members.

  • We are approaching 500 likes on our Facebook page.

  • We had five Education Nights in the previous year with six planned for the coming year.

  • President Michael Forbes announced the Ross Brogan Training Scholarship. This will enable at least two NSWAFI members to attend each AAFI Conference into the future. The scholarship will pay for the winners' registration fees. More info on this will be announced soon.

From the Treasurer's Report:

  • The association has over $24,000 in the bank.

The new Committee was also appointed for the next twelve months:

  • President: Michael Forbes

  • Senior Vice President & Webmaster: Alexander Visotin

  • Junior Vice President: Barry Sutherland

  • Secretary: Robert McKay

  • Treasurer: Taylor Pallaton

  • Education Officer: Steve Apps

  • Merchandise Officer: Jason Taylor

  • General Committee: Mark Pelligrino, Mark Hamilton, Sonia Scott and Wayne Schweickle.

Video footage of the Education Night presentations will be uploaded and added to the Membership Section shortly.

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