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Expert Referral Service

In April, the NSWAFI introduced members to the Expert Referral Service. This service is intended to provide the general public with a register of fire investigation industry contacts that are able to offer their services to the general public. You can read more about the Expert Referral Service on our earlier news post post about the topic.

The Committee have received several requests from members to be included in this register. The Expert Referral Service will soon be launched and the Committee would like to encourage current members to contribute their details to the database if they are able to offer their services to the public.

As a reminder, there are two requirements to be considered for inclusion on the list:

1) You must be a financial member of the NSWAFI;

2) You must be in good standing within the NSWAFI.

If you wish to contribute your details to the Expert Referral Service database, please contact the Secretary with your name, company affiliation, contact number, email address, and specific area of expertise.

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