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December Education Night - Thursday 1st December 2022, 18:00 hours.

Vehicle Battery (12V) Systems

Today's vehicles are becoming exponentially electrically complex. With the increased integration of power-hungry electrical components, is it possible that the 12V Lead-Acid Battery is just not cut out to withstand the industry's push towards technological advancement?

This presentation will cover modern vehicles low-voltage electrical architecture, the potential fire hazards imposed on a vehicle's Pb-Acid power-delivery-device during sustained operation, and include an investigation of an incident involving a 12V Pb-Acid battery pushed past its normal operating conditions.

Fire, explosions, and accidental welding, we will come to understand that the 12V Battery is more than just a heavy brick in the front of your vehicle.

The presenter is Mr Mark Roberts. He is a technical consultant with Envista Forensics, investigating electrical, electronic, and electromechanical failures through a wide range of insurance-related matters.

Prior to his indoctrination into the forensics engineering industry, Mr Roberts functioned as a 12V & 48V Energy Management Engineer within Bentley Motors in the United Kingdom. Responsible for the integration and project management of all 12V Energy Containers and 48V Supercapacitors within Bentley's ICE and PHEV vehicle architectures.

To register your interest please use the booking form on the NSWAFI website on the Event Calendar. The flyer for the event can be downloaded below.

Education Night Flyer - December 2022
Download PDF • 292KB

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