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October 2023 Education Night - Computational Fluid Dynamics Base Fire Modelling

You are invited to attend an Education Night run by the NSW Association of Fire Investigators Inc., on the subject of: Computational Fluid Dynamics Base Fire Modelling.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based fire modelling can be a useful tool to understand the origin, growth and spread of fire with respect to different types of fuels, atmospheric conditions, turbulent flow fields, and ignition sources. Once a model is set up properly it can be used to visualise fire phenomena and test multiple hypotheses. However, it is important to understand the role of different input parameters and how these parameters can affect the overall characteristics of fire behaviour within the model.

Dr. Nazmul Khan will discuss Fire Dynamic Simulator (FDS) software and its use in wildland and structural fire modelling opportunities for fire investigation.


Dr. Nazmul completed his PhD from University of Sydney in the field of CFD based combustion modelling of liquid fuels and is currently a fire engineer at Fahrenheit Global. He started his career as a “Research Fellow” at Victoria University in a Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) funded project for the fire agencies of Australia and New Zealand. He has published 9 journal articles and 8 industry reports with the Bushfire CRC “Fire Spread Prediction Across Fuel types” project.

To register your interest please use the booking form on the NSWAFI website on the Event Calendar.

Education Night Flyer - October 2023
Download PDF • 345KB

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